LifeZones are interactive teaching times that are aimed at helping you in your daily life. We're still finalising the details for our LifeZones in 2019, so please keep coming back to this page as we will update it as we confirm them over the next few months.

Our LifeZones start at around 11.15am after our Family Worship time together. This gives you around 30 minutes to drop your children, get a coffee, chat to friends, or give one of our many volunteers a hug to tell them they’re doing a great job! You can follow one track all weekend, or mix and match – whatever takes your fancy really. All available talks will be accessible online after the weekend. The LifeZones will finish around 12.30pm – if you do have children, please don’t forget to pick them up or arrange for them to be picked up – they get hungry at lunchtime!

To give you a flavour of how they work, the 2018 LifeZones are shown below (including the available audio). We hope you find this helpful for now!


Audio From 2018

2018 LifeZone Themes


Understanding the World Around You

Martin Charlesworth, the leader of Jubilee+ hosted this LifeZone which sought to take a closer look at some current hot topics in our society.

The LifeZone looked at three subjects that are current in society and culture.

Martin Charlesworth

Martin heads up the Jubilee+ team alongside being on the eldership team of Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury. He helped Barnabas develop its strong emphasis on social action and community engagement. He has co-authored two books with Natalie Williams, The Myth of the Undeserving Poor and A Church for the Poor.

Karen Williams

Based in Shrewsbury and a member of Barnabas Community Church, Karen project-leads Foodbank PLUS, a holistic range of projects within Barnabas Community Projects of which she is also a trustee. She is widowed with three children, Noah, Hope and Gabriel and is also a trustee of Oasis Community Partnerships and an Academy Councillor of Oasis Academy John Williams in Bristol. Karen will be joining Martin in speaking on Poverty and deprivation in the UK.

This LifeZone looked at how Christians can develop a biblical worldview on various hot topics which impact our society today.

Martin Charlesworth Jubilee+ Team Leader & ChristCentral Training Director

A Taste of the Nations

This LifeZone introduces you to the excitement and challenges of being involved in God’s plan for the nations.

How do you know God if calling you overseas? What is moving, living and working abroad like? Is it a lifelong commitment or can you go for a week, a month or a couple of years? What opportunities are there? How do you get ready? How do you overcome some of the challenges?

Graham Anns - Manchester, England

Graham is married to Daryl and they have two adult children. He is an elder at Christ Central Manchester and works for ChristCentral Churches as a member of the apostolic team, serving churches, overseeing training, and responsible for governance, finance & administration.

Lee and Stacey Yarbrough - Gudalajara, Mexico

Lee and Stacey have lived in Mexico for the past 33 years, being involved in church planting and leadership training, with a desire to see grace filled churches established throughout the Americas.

Tony and Val Harwood - Lusaka, Zambia

Tony and Val have lived in Lusaka the capital of Zambia for 8 years, where founded Grace City Church plant. Tony established a serviced apartment business from scratch and uses business to extend the kingdom of God. In 2019 he will be starting a new venture to develop more Christian business leaders.

Val is the founder of The Reading Box, which trains people to teach reading. She mainly focuses on untrained people and equips them with far more than reading skills.

Josh Bye - Göteborg, Sweden

Josh is married to Nina and they have 2 sons and a crazy dog! Josh leads the church planting team in the beautiful city of Gothenburg where they have been for almost 4 years now.

A LifeZone for all those who feel a sense of call to the nations, we looked at the excitement and challenges involved in cross-cultural ministry.

Graham Anns Christ Central, Manchester

Karma Calamity

In this LifeZone, Alan Rose explored Ecclesiastes.

If you have ever scratched your head and mused to yourself that life is absurd, then you have a friend in the author of the book of Ecclesiastes! If you have ever read the book of Ecclesiastes and found it downright miserable, then you are in good company: the overwhelming majority of twentieth century scholarship on the book of Ecclesiastes has understood its message to be negative! Ecclesiastes is a wonderfully ironic book that reflects on the enigma of life in a profoundly enigmatic way, yet the question that this LifeZone attempts to answer is, ‘How far is it plausible to read or hear the book of Ecclesiastes as offering a hopeful message?’

The sessions looked at:

  • Session 1: How the book of Ecclesiastes contains a whopping great clue as to how we should understand it.
  • Session 2:Some passages in the book that flesh out the first session in a few different directions.
  • Session 3:The final session explores how we can understand this unusual Old Testament text as a witness to the person of Jesus.

Excited? You should be! It's not like life is meaningless or anything!

Alan Rose

As well as leading York City Church, Alan teaches a number of modules on ChristCentral School of Leadership and is about to embark on a two-year MA in Theology and Religion at Durham University. Alan is married to Susanna and they have a young son called Zachary, and a Cockapoo puppy called Mustard.

In this LifeZone we looked at ‘How far is it plausible to read or hear the book of Ecclesiastes as offering a hopeful message?’

Alan Rose York City Church


Being a parent and raising children can be challenging, fun and exhausting… sometimes all in the space of a few hours!

The rewards are high and the heartaches can be deep as we work out how best to raise our children. Our society can leave parents feeling disempowered, and at a loss in knowing how best to care for and raise their children… But we have a Father who cares for us. He loves family and wants to help us grow in reflecting His family ways with our children.

This LifeZone sought to share some principles and encouragements…drawn from Scriptural conviction and experience.

It covered:

  • How to build lasting values… the essentials of unconditional love.
  • The importance of attachment.
  • Caring for children with specific needs.
  • Succeeding as a single parent.
  • Building foundations for family life.
  • Parenting for the long haul.

We want to see our children grow into all God has created them to be as part of His big story. Roger and Cheryl Bye, Rob and Jo Horn, Graham and Daryl Anns and others taught from their own experience, to encourage and equip parents.

Roger and Cheryl Bye

Roger leads the team at Kings Church Cockermouth and together they are passionate to see local churches grow into all that God wants them to be. They serve other ChristCentral churches both locally and in other nations, in particular Canada, Mexico and Sweden.

Roger and Cheryl have three adult children and several grandchildren, some local and some in Sweden.

Graham Anns

Graham and Daryl have two adult children. Daryl is the head teacher of a local primary school and has previously headed up children’s work in two churches in greater Manchester. Graham is an elder at Christ Central Manchester and works for ChristCentral Churches as a member of the apostolic team, serving churches, overseeing training, and responsible for governance, finance & administration.

Rob and Jo Horn

Rob & Jo have five children. Rob, Jo and their family have pioneered numerous church plants and also train send and support other church planters. Rob is an elder at King’s Church Kendal and City Church Lancaster and both serve other churches.

This LifeZone was aimed at parents, grandparents, godparents, carers...

Roger Bye Kings Church Cockermouth
Home For Good

Advertisement Feature: Home For Good

Home For Good

A home for every child who needs one!

Home For Good's vision is a home for every child who needs one. In the UK, 4,000 children are waiting for adoption and 9,000 foster families are desperately needed. We believe that the Church can make a difference. Home for Good raises awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents, encourages families to provide loving homes for the children in care, and equips the Church to offer welcoming communities for them. They are dedicated to inspiring, equipping and coordinating the network of local movements, churches and individuals who are making their vision a reality. To find out more click here.

The early church's spirit-filled entrepreneurialism needs to be recaptured. We need a Kingdom of God sized consuming vision that is big enough for the whole church to gather around!

Krish Kandiah consultant, author, theologian, activist

An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

This LifeZone included teaching and personal testimonies in order to better understand and engage with the spiritual warfare that every Christian and every Church faces.

Included in this is the subject of strongholds: what they are and how they can be ‘demolished’.

It also explored how individuals and Churches can grow in freedom and in their effectiveness as they seek to extend the Kingdom. Each session included a brief time for prayer ministry.

Joseph and Lillian Mwila

Joseph leads the Newfrontiers Zambia Apostolic Team, serving churches in Zambia and other African nations. He is based in Kitwe with his wife Lillian and their four children. Lillian pastors among their churches and leads the Streetlife Orphans Project. She also holds regular Deliverance meetings.

Ginny Burgin

Ginny, married to Stuart, is based at City Church Sheffield and has travelled widely both in the UK and abroad with her prophetic, teaching and pastoral gift. She speaks from her own personal experience of the spiritual battle.

Rob and Helen Coleman

Rob is the Lead Elder at Grace Church, Bolton. He and his wife Helen will be teaching and giving testimony out of personal experiences from within their own family and Church over the last few years.

Looking at the whole area of Spiritual Warfare including times of ministry and prayer

Joseph Mwila Dayspring Church, Kitwe

Pursuing His Presence

This LifeZone sought to inspire people in their relationship with God and equip them to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Whether you are new to baptism in the Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, or whether you have been using them for years, this LifeZone was a dynamic and faith filled time to help people grow and move on in God. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for life, not just Sundays.

In 2018, we renamed our “Life in the Spirit” LifeZone, "Pursuing His Presence", as to link it in with the conference and academy of the same name. The LifeZone looked at what it means to be led by the Spirit; what hinders the Spirit’s work in our lives and finally a practical session on growing in hearing from God and stepping out in faith.

Andy & Hazel Robinson

Andy & Hazel have two sons and live in Horsham. Andy is lead pastor of Lifespring Church Horsham (formerly Kings) and leads several teams in the church as part of this role. Hazel is a pharmacist in a local mental health trust and serves alongside Andy in the church. Andy is also part of the ChristCentral Partnership.

Graham & Sarah Pyman

Graham & Sarah are based in Derby, where Graham leads the team at Jubilee Church Derby. They have 4 school-age children and are also foster carers for their local authority. Graham also serves on the ChristCentral European Apostolic team and is part of the ChristCentral Partnership. Sarah leads Smile, a respite facility for children with additional needs.

Jo & Paul McCulloch

Jo and her husband Paul are members of Lifespring Church Horsham (formerly Kings). Jo serves on the Leadership Team as a deacon and has particular responsibility for the growth and development of the prophetic. Paul and Jo enjoy travel and reading. They have two grown up children.

David & Rosie Fellingham

Dave is responsible for organising various evangelistic events at Lifespring Church Horsham (formerly Kings) and has also been involved with Alpha, teaching on Sundays and as one of the tutors for their Worship Academy. Dave is a well-known musician, songwriter and worship leader. He is married to Rosie and they have two sons Nathan and Luke who were both part of the Christian band Phatfish.

We believe life in the spirit is exactly that, the whole of life lived every day, in every way, in the Spirit.

Andy Robinson Lifespring Church Horsham

Afternoon Zones

There are plenty of smaller workshops and things which happen across the site during the afternoons. You can pop into the Hub (see the information in the handbook and on site), or you can just chill. But just in case you wanted to meet people who are a similar age or have a similar vision to you, we’ve put on some focused zones that you can pop into. In 2018 these included:



Calling all students

If you’re at university or about to be, come and meet with fellow students, grab a drink, have some fun, find out where the Devoted student connection zone is...’

Chris Frost

Chris helps to lead Gateway Leeds and has worked full time there since 2008. He is married to Jo they have two kids.

Grab some time with other students, make connections and find out more about the Student Zone at Devoted.

Chris Frost Gateway Church, Leeds


The Kaleidoscope team are explored why creativity is crucial not just to how we, as ChristCentral, sharpen the church, but also how we shape 21st century culture.

They focussed on how our creativity can be used FOR the church and how it can be a gift FROM the church.

Jez Chalmers

Jez currently heads up Kaleidoscope, which is our network of creativity that stretches across ChristCentral. He lives in Stoke on Trent with his wife Bex and their three small children.

Culture = the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.


Family Encounter Zone

Are you seeking God? Are you wanting to hear God in a new way? Do you want your children to know God is interested in them? The Family Encounter Zone is about providing a platform for this - and more - to happen!

Our God is a God who wants to encourage us, to provoke us and to challenge us. This includes every adult, child, family and group.

Whether you are young, older, a family or on your own, come and be amazed again at how intimately involved in our lives God wants to be.  Drop in any time to join in the fun!

Whoever you are, come and be amazed again at how intimately involved in our lives God wants to be.

Sandra Jubilee Church, Derby

Audio From 2016


Audio From 2015


Advertisement Feature: ChristCentral Training

Are you looking to be trained?

The ChristCentral team are passionate about faciliating courses which serve a wide variety of people. From FT to PT & volunteers. We’re really excited about the variety of courses we now have to offer.

    Courses Include:
  • School of Leadership - two year PT leadership course
  • School of Leadership Plus - for key leaders
  • Into The Word - get to grips with the whole bible - over 10 Saturday sessions
  • IMPACT - gap year training year
  • Training Days - ad hoc training on a variety of subjects
  • Church Planting Training - for church planters & church planting teams

For full details on each of the courses and to register today, please click here.

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