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Speakers include.

This year our speakers include: Jarrod Cooper, David Devenish, Lou Fellingham, Jeremy & Ann Simpkins, Lee & Stacey Yarbrough, and Joseph & Lillian Mwila. Read more about them below!

Jarrod Cooper

Jarrod Cooper

Jarrod is married to Victoria and they have one young son, Zachary. Vicky co-leads Revive Academy and is creative, artistic & an amazing wife and mother!

Jarrod is an author, songwriter, broadcaster and communicator. He leads the team at Revive Church in Hull & East Yorkshire, and it’s training team, Revive Academy of Leadership & the Arts.

He uses speech, song, worship & prophetic ministry to encourage the Church to reach higher in God. One of Jarrod’s defining passions is that “the glory of the Lord would cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea” and he seeks to lift believers to a life in the supernatural, that will display God’s presence and power in everyday life.

His many songs include “King of Kings, Majesty” and he has authored 3 books: Stronger, When the Spirit & Word Collide and Glory in the Church.

Revive church has grown from 1 location to 5 since 2005 and they have a vision to bring life to 20 locations by 2020. The church is fast becoming a resource centre for leaders, for training, for missions, for church planting and inspiring revival.

The revelation of justification can be a moment of profound realisation when we finally grasp it. The mist of religious striving lifts as we realise for the first time how utterly precious we are; totally forgiven of all sins. The blazing sun of mercy shines into our dulled hearts and we come alive. Alive to God’s glory, as we realise we are fit for it by a work of grace! Alive to God’s power as we sense the dignity of heaven filling us with the authority of Jesus. Awake to the face of Jesus as, for the first time, we realise He is so close, so accepting, so approving of us, even though we still carry areas of brokenness that are under construction.

Jarrod Cooper On Grace
David Devenish

David Devenish

David is based in Bedford, UK and is an elder at Woodside Church. He is married to Scilla; they have four children and currently 6 grandchildren.

For most of the recent past, David has been working primarily in the Russian-speaking world and overseeing the planting of churches in the part of the world known as the 10/40 window. More recently he took on the leadership of Catalyst and served within the UK and also amongst the many churches that the Catalyst team serve in other nations. Currently that team is serving churches in around 50 nations. In June 2017 David passed on the leadership of Catalyst to Simon Holley, whilst remaining part of the Catalyst leadership team.

David now gives his main attention to leading the Newfrontiers Together team which leads and facilitates what Newfrontiers continues to do together through collaboration and interdependence between apostolic leaders.

Part of David’s role in international ministry has caused him to study how we send people into different cultures and contexts and as a result he has developed teaching on a range of cultural and contextualisation issues which he presents training on frequently and he is also seeking to coach and develop many other embryonic apostolic ministries around the world. David also represents Newfrontiers to other apostolic networks and movements with whom we have good and fruitful relationships.

Before working in Christian ministry, David worked as a civil servant for the British Government in international trade negotiations and one of the highlights of this job included being part of the first United Nations working party on the debt problems of developing countries. Following that he started working in international banking where again he was providing project finance into parts of Africa and Eastern Europe and all of this contributed to his heart for the nations that he still has to this day.

The Kingdom isn't a programme promoted by celebrities, it's ordinary people sowing seeds.

David Devenish On the Kingdom of God
Lee Yarbrough

Lee Yarbrough

Lee and Stacey Yarbrough were sent to Mexico from Anchorage Alaska, in 1985. The have four boys; Ryan, Daniel, William, and Matthew.

"Our desire and vision is to see grace filled, Christ centred, vibrantly worshipping churches, planted and established throughout North, Central, and South America. Along with that, our vision is to see nationals equipped and trained to plant new churches, and provide strength and leadership to existing churches." Currently there are 20+ churches in Mexico, varying in size and expression, in several of Mexico's big cities, as well as several churches in the indigenous areas of the Pame, and Otomi communities. There is also a church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as well as emerging works in Lima, Peru.

Believing and convinced of one of the prophetic words given to the Newfrontiers' Family of Churches, "we can do more together than apart," we are collaborating closely with ChristCentral, the apostolic sphere led by Jeremy Simpkins.

Our desire and vision is to see grace filled, Christ centred, vibrantly worshipping churches, planted and established throughout North, Central, and South America.

Lee Yarbrough Nuevas Fronteras
Lou Fellingham

Lou Fellingham

Lou’s distinctive voice and heart for people have made her a greatly loved worship leader, singer and recording artist. Lou served as lead singer of Phatfish for almost two decades - during which time they recorded eight albums, toured extensively throughout the UK, Canada and America and became an integral part of the worship team at the Stoneleigh Bible weeks. Lou has also made several appearances on the BBC's 'Songs of Praise'. Now concentrating on her solo material, Lou has several albums to her name, including Treasure, Promised Land, Step into the Light and her most recent This Changes Everything. Lou & Nathan are currently working on a new album which is scheduled for release in 2019.

This year not only will Lou and her band be serving us once more by leading our times of worship, she will also be one of our headline speakers. Find out more about Lou on her website: loufellingham.com

Ultimately we want the music we write to draw people to God. That by the power and presence of His Spirit people would have revelation of all that Jesus has done for us. That we can be restored to the Father. Worship is His gift to us. We’re made to worship our creator and He is worthy no matter what, but we find that as we give, we also receive.

Lou Fellingham On song writing
Jeremy and Ann Simpkins

Jeremy and Ann Simpkins

Jeremy & Ann have been involved in leading Newfrontiers churches for over 25 years, including Hastings (one of the first churches to relate to Terry Virgo) and Eastbourne (one of the first strategic Newfrontiers church plants). In 2009 Jeremy & Ann moved from the church they had planted in Teeside (Jubilee Church) to lead Christ Central Manchester. In 2014 the team in Manchester appointed a local pastor to lead Christ Central Manchester releasing Jeremy to lead the ChristCentral team and travel amongst the churches which the team serves. After 7 years in Manchester, Jeremy & Ann are following a call to be part of City Church Sheffield in 2017.

Jeremy and Ann spend most of their time serving churches in the UK, Canada and other nations. When they're not traveling, they love to walk in the surrounding countryside - usually ending with a visit to a local pub!

We need to prepare for ourselves for revival...we must do what only we can do, so that God does what only he can do! We need to call on God for revival, for the revival of God to come.

Jeremy Simpkins On Revival
Joseph and Lillian Mwila

Joseph & Lillian Mwila

Joseph & Lillian Mwila are based in Kitwe, Copper Belt, Zambia, they have four children Joshua, Nathan, Victor and Esther. Kitwe is one of the largest cities in Zambia and is one of the most developed commercial and industrial areas in the nation alongside Ndola and Lusaka. Joseph leads New Dawn a Newfrontiers apostolic team which serve over 40 churches across Zambia and are also growing links with churches in the region including DRC and Tanzania in partnership with ChristCentral.

They started Dayspring Church and Streetlife projects back in 2002. The Streetlife project which Lillian leads encompasses children’s homes - Faith Centre and Grace Centre, as well as a Pilot Project which feeds over 300 children protein enriched foods once a week. Streetlife Project also includes educational sponsorship to get children back into school and keep them enrolled through school fees, uniform and equipment provision.

Our priorities: church planting, releasing leadership, building relationally and impacting our communities.

Joseph Mwila New Dawn - vision & priorities

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