Why Serve?

We would love as many people as possible to help us by serving on and around the site. We're a great team to work with, and have lots of fun throughout the weekend, but to give you even more reasons for serving, we offer:

  • A full weekend discount if you work full time. Potentially, you will still be able to attend some, but not all, the meetings on site.
  • A 50% discount if you work part time, meaning you will probably miss one meeting per day.


You can either opt to camp with your church, or on the server site which is also listed.


Just so you're aware, we will always ask your local church leadership team if you are suitable for the role you've been asked to serve on, or that you're asking to serve on. Your application will not be complete until we have received their approval. This helps us protect you better.


If you have any queries or would like to offer to serve, email us at servers@devotedevent.org for further details and a specific booking code.


All servers can eat in the staff canteen for £34 for the weekend. This includes breakfast, a snack lunch and a hot evening dinner. If you would like your family to join you for meals in the canteen please see section below.

One of the principal parts of the Christian faith is, to lose no occasion of serving God. And, since he is invisible to our eyes, we are to serve him in our neighbour; which he receives as if done to himself in person, standing visibly before us.

John Wesley English Cleric & Theologian

Serving Part Time

We offer a 50% discount if you volunteer part time, meaning you will probably miss one meeting per day. We'll take 50% off the ticket price at the time of booking.

Ticket to 31 Dec to 31 Mar to 31 May to 31 Jul to 27 Aug
Adults £ 59.50 £ 64.50 £ 74.50 £ 79.50 £ 84.50

How can you serve?

  • Site set up - from Tuesday 21st of August. This includes all sorts of activities from marking out the pitches, to putting up drapes, to... well the list is endless!
  • Security & Site Assitance teams
  • Welcome & Car Park teams
  • Technical teams (video, recording etc)
  • Stewards
  • U19's (we have very strict rules on who can serve on these teams, so normally, these teams are recruited through the U19 team leaders)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Admin staffing
  • Event Control (Radio Base Operator)
  • Accessibility Team - more here
  • Village hosts
  • Site break down - Monday morning to Tuesday evening, 27st Aug - to 28th Aug

All serving areas are subject to suitability and availability. If you would like to serve on a specific team please contact us as soon as possible using the form below.

Faithful servants never retire. You can retire from your career, but you will never retire from serving God.

Rick Warren American Pastor & Author

Getting Booked In...

You need a servers code to register...

If you are interested in volunteering at Devoted, you will need a servers code to be able to book in. If you have been directly recruited, your team leader should have a code which you can use. Otherwise we've put together a short questionaire to help us allocate you to the right team. Please complete the form using the link below and we will send you the relevant booking code!

Get Your Server Code

Devoted only happens because of the hard work and dedication of our wonderful event teams. We are so grateful for all those who give up their time and energies to volunteer at Devoted! Thank you

Jeremy & Ann Simpkins Devoted Hosts

Family Meals

If you are eating in the staff canteen your family can join you...

You can add in your family to eat in the staff canteen for the weekend too, so you can still eat as a family! Spouses: £34, 2-18s: £17 each. You will need to register your family separately as you can't do this from the booking system directly, once you have booked in as a server, please click below to complete our online form.

Family Meal Bookings

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